quietness and trust-artSpiration Friday

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in quietness and trust is Your strength. Isaiah 30:15

when she’s going along fine in life, all is going well. she has a good job, kids are doing great, marriage is awesome and then bam out of no where a storm hits. her world is turned upside down. she’s been down this road once before. she doesn’t understand why she has to go down it again. she can’t think straight, she feels like she’s drowning. she feels like it will never end. anxiety and fear overwhelm her and she wants to shut down. she runs to find her quiet place because in that place is where she finds her strength, His strength. she lifts up her head and fixes her eyes upon Him. He renews her strength and she is able to face this storm head on. 


  1. Julie Sparkman

    Dear Cassandra, I just love your artSperation. Watching your fingers bring your art to life, just thrills me. You are a inspiration to me not only in my art but in my life when I read the notes you leave and the quotes from the Bible I find peace, I have a book and I write down all of the quotes you give and I read them often. Thank you my sweet friend,. God bless and keep you and your family always.
    Blessings, Julie

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