walk by faith-artspiration


i will walk by faith even when i cannot see.
2 Corinthians 5:7

that’s hard for me to do at times. especially when I have to¬† step out of my comfort zone.a part of me says, yep, this is what you’re to do and the other part is like heck no. i don’t like crowds at all or public speaking. about three/four years ago I wanted to work on my fears of public speaking because I wanted to someday be able to teach an art class. I was telling a friend about it and she mentioned maybe trying a Toast Master’s Club, she said they’re small and not to intimidating. I said ok, I will try it. I went and sat in on one and thought this isn’t to bad.The people were so nice, and I was having a good time. So, I signed up. each week was ok and there were about five people and I thought this is a good amount of people. not to big. about the third week I was encouraged a few times that I needed to get started on my firstspeech which was about yourself. First off, I don’t like talking about me at all and especially to a crowd of people of any size. I didn’t want to overlook it because I kept thinking this is going to help me and the class is very small. that night I walk in and there’s like thirteen, fourteen people in there. I’m so nervous now. It was my turn, so I got my speech together and I stood at the podium and didn’t dare look up but you have to at some point give the audience some kind of eye contact and I remembered a lady in the class saying, just look over everyone’s head and focus your eyes ahead. I began to speak and my eyes filled with tears, my voice is shaking as I read every word and I looked up and fixed my eyes ahead. tears streaming down my face I didn’t look back down at my paper but a few times because I knew what I had written. when I was done they all clapped, cheered and filled me with such encouragement. I was happy I took that step of faith and forced myself to do it. would I like to do it again…not unless the Lord really, really wanted me to.

Supplies used: 8×10 wood substrate, Mod Podge,
Americana Paint (wedgewood blue, margarita, white wash, rouge, deep periwinkle),
Dylusions stencil, craypas oil pastels, rubber stamps from dollar bin at Michael’s

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