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It’s time for some Word Art Wednesday! There’s a lot of really beautiful pieces to be seen and almost 400 entries! Wow, that’s amazing to see so many creating art with the Lord’s Word!! This week’s sponsor’s are:

Classy Cards ‘N Such $15 AND Iralamija Shop Very nice offerings to someone special!!

Most of my art you will find messy, worn backgrounds and it represents the messiness of life, junky thoughts that breeze their way through my mind, the fears of not being good enough, I’ve made so many mistakes, the constant to and fro, feeling like I am losing my mind and falling over. Yes, I know..Whoa..

Reading and putting God’s word on my pieces is the stability He gives to me in my everyday life when my world seems to be falling apart and I feel I have nothing to grab onto as if I am a wilted flower. When reading His words, it’s as if He gently reaches out to me and lifts me back up. Giving me life and letting me know that I am not alone and with His help I am able to replace those junky thoughts with truth. His truth on who I am. Life feels complete once again.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!