One day she…


She was tired of worrying about this and that and what was going on around her. She had no control over any of it. She would sit and worry about all these things as she had done for many years that got her nowhere. It was wearing her down and she was unable to enjoy the life she had been given. It was time to let go of what she had no control over. It was hard but as she stepped outside with the cool breeze, warm sun and the birds chirping so beautifully she knew she couldn’t waste it over things she had no control over.

So, one day she simply decided to be happy.


One day she…


One day she decided to let go of her pains that held her down and embrace the Peace that was calling to her.

In that day, she felt safe, free, confident and when those pains try to creep up as they always try to she stops them in their tracks by taking time to be still, quiet her mind so that they don’t consume her safe, comfort place.

Always know you are strong, brave and loved.

Word Art Wednesday: a day late

Word Art Wednesday

I am so sorry, I forgot to post my Word Art Wednesday challenge piece. Thank you Karen for reminding me! This week’s sponsor is:  Simon Says Stamp and they are offering a $25 gift certificate! They have some really cute stamps, stencils and so much more.

If you haven’t yet been over to Word Art Wednesday yet, do stop by you will be inspired by all the talented people and beautiful art.

Have a great day and always know you are strong, brave and loved!

Soul Collaboration Week 4!

soul collaboration January 2016

Well, my friends the end of our Soul Collaboration has come. I have enjoyed the journey in creating with these ladies and taking their beautiful art to create one extra special piece. If you’re new to my blog and wondering what’s up here is a recap:

Collaboration promo 2

I had a hard time trying to figure out what to create for my final piece as each one was so beautiful and I didn’t want to cut them up. Here are the final pieces!

Stephanie Schutze I love how she kept all of our images together as an art wall and painted a young lady admiring it all!


Shawn Petite I love the warmth and how she took special parts of each piece of art and brought them together into hearts!soul-collaboration-finale-pic

Here is mine along with the video showing the proces! I had such a fun time creating this with these ladies!!



Thank you for stopping by, have a great day and always know that you are strong, brave and most importantly loved. 🙂

Soul Collaboration Week Three

soul collaboration January 2016

We are at week 3, wow, time has really flown by! So, here is a recap of what myself and these three other beautifully talented ladies are doing.

Collaboration promo 2

Below are the pieces that each of the other ladies have done! Next week we are taking each of our pieces, printing them out and each of us will create one piece that brings us altogether!  We will each be showing the process of putting the pieces together into piece of beautiful art. I can’t wait, although now that I think about it, I don’t want to be cutting up their pieces to add to mine. I might have to just make one really big piece of art! 

Do take some time to visit with them, you won’t be sorry!

Shawn Petite
Beautiful Soul dragonfly print collaboration fly collaboration Love heart love makes

Stephanie Schutze
cb5e1943-7b1a-4f1c-8a9d-e9b0474adde9 SoulCollab_Stephanie_2 SoulCollab_Stephanie_3 SoulCollab_Stephanie_4 SoulCollab_Stephanie_5 SoulCollab_Stephanie_6

Irma De Jager

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 (1)